The composition of professional and teaching staff of the Department of Children Infectious Diseases

Head of the Department of Children Infectious Diseases, Professor, MD Kuttykuzhanova G.G.

Department of Children Infectious Diseases

Department of Children Infectious Diseases — was founded at the 1−st of September in 1952. Until that time, the course of children infections was at the Department of Pediatrics faculty. Professor Elena Bartoshevich (1900-1967) was the first chair of Children Infections Diseases (1952-1954 y.). She was graduated of the Leningrad Institute of medical knowledge, worked as a doctor in the peatery at Ivanovo region and then in Aktobe and Almaty. Her DPhil «Water fever in Kazakhstan» was defended in 1948 y.

Since of September 1954, more than 30 years the department was headed by Tatiana Nikonova (1909-1987). Her Phil was devoted to actual problems of rheumatism in children. Professor T.N. Nikonova created the school of Children Infectious Diseases. Many of her students have leaded the major hospitals, the departments in universities, worked in research institutes.

E.A. Ogai was the first postgraduate student of Professor Nikonova, and after her she headed the department. The subject  E.A. Ogai  Phil  «Viral hepatitis at children in cities condition with hostile ecological environment». Professor EA Ohio was the head of the Phil of G.G. Kuttykuzhanova “Immunopathogenetic approaches to therapy of chronic hepatitis B in children», 1997 y. Professor  G.G.Kuttykuzhanova has headed the department since 1998 y.

The staff of the department actively has been doing research work.
At present Doctor of Medicine, M.D. L.T.Yeraliyeva is responsible for research work. The subject of Phil «Perfecting diagnostics of bacterial meningitis in children and immunopathogenetic approach to the therapy», 2010 y.

During existence the department, more than 70 Candidate’s dissertation was issued. They are devoted to actual problems of infectious diseases.

The leading science theme of the Department has always been the study of viral hepatitis, considered such issues as the timely diagnosis of hepatitis, the pathogenetic factors of age-related feature. At present the features of the new etiological factors of VH: C, D, G, TTV, SEN, X and Y are being explored. Until the 80s of last century dominated the bacterial infection so studies were carried out in respect of the clinic, treatment, prevention of scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough, dysentery, typhoid fever in children. At the present period there are unexplored, and new infections − yersiniosis, listeriosis, HIV infection, meningitis, pneumococcal and Haemophilus influenzae type b etiology, and the department studied them.

The Phils who defended on the Department were: Trumova ZH.Z «Regional characteristics of prenatal HIV — transmission and methodological approaches to the clinical examination of children born to HIV-infected women.» Katarbaev A.K. «The relationship of health and demographic indicators, infectious disorders in children and prevention.»
The project of international program: «Pneumococcal disease in children and ways to prevent.» is running out.
Department’s staff has made a report at international conferences, congresses, symposiums with the results of scientific research, both in the near and far abroad. The professional and teaching staff of the similar Departments has training in the department of children’s infections diseases. In the 2008-2009 academic years the department received the title of the best pediatric department of the Faculty of KazNMU.
Since of foundation of the Department the scientific student works is carried out,  the head MD, assistant Onalbaeva G.J. The Educational work is head MD, assistant Dzhumabekova A.T. The Department is in charge of student groups, conducting political information in groups, the wall newspapers and showcase were made, the  film about teamwork of hospital and department was shot.

The professional and teaching staff of the  Department give a great help to practical health care, to base hospital (CCIDH, Almaty), to the regional infectious diseases hospitals of KR, to pediatricians. Constantly is carried out the field training to improve the skills of pediatricians, infectious disease specialists, therapeutist.
The teaching staff of the department consults the severe patients, conducts clinical discussions, scientific, practical and pathological-anatomical conferences, the school of children’s infectious diseases. The result of the work is taking the first place in the national competition»Altyn Zhurek.» Much attention is paid to professional development and certification of physicians.

Head of the Department of Children infections KazNMU

Professor, MD                                         Kuttykuzhanova GG


Department of Pediatric Surgery

The Department of pediatric surgery of the State Medical Institute of Almaty was founded in 1957 on the basis of the city hospital’s pediatric surgery clinics. The first head of the department was docent Cherkassova E.D. From 1968 till 2011 the head of the pediatric surgery of KazNMU was the academician of the NAS of the RK, Kazakhstan’s State Prize laureate, Kazakhstan’s Honored Scientist Ormantayev K.S. (now the Honored head of the department). The department has 3 clinical bases (CPCH #1, NCPPS, DPH “Aksay”).

Since 2011 the dean of the department has been Professor Tursynov K.T., PhD. The members of the department have published more than 1000 scientific works which include 9 chapters in the Soviet manual on pediatric surgery, 13 monographs, 20 guidelines on the most urgent issues of diagnosing and treating surgical diseases in children.

Our students take part in All-Union and All-Russian Scientific Student Conferences annually and win prizes. For many years, under the guidance of Ormantayev K.S., there has been Pediatric Surgeons’ Society which regularly organizes Republican Scientific and Practical conferences, “Master Classes” on pediatric surgery. The department takes part in international scientific forums on pediatric surgery and pediatrics and maintains ties with countries of Europe, Americas; Central and South-Eastern Asia.


In 2011-2012 academic year was carried out the student’s conference devoted to Birthday of S.D.Asfendiyarov «Historical great person», actions for rendering of the patronage help to orphanage No .8 of Almaty where students of the 6th course actively made reports on various medical subjects on healthy lifestyle problems, concerning personal hygiene. Students of the 6th course made the collection of known animated films concerning a healthy lifestyle.

Student’s conference, within University action “20 steps to health” where in a look scan words, questions and answers topical issues of pediatrics are discussed is carried out.

By December 16, “20 anniversary of Independence of RK” was carried out student’s conference with film display about December events, in discussion active participation was accepted by students and PTS.

Before holiday of Kurban- ayt with students was carried out the round table with discussion of changes in the Law about religion of RK.

Meetings of student’s scientific circle were held where acquainted participants with history of department with film demonstration about department stories. Subjects of student’s scientific works were defined for new academic year.

According to Bologna Process principles, the department within the training program and to a profile of supervised offices carried out master classes of visiting- professors: professors of department of children’s diseases of the First Moscow Medical University names after I.M.Setchenov, Golovanova N.U. of children’s rheumatology, professors of medical faculty of Novosibirsk State University, the owner of “Gold medal” Siberian AMN, Denisov M.U. of gastroenterology.

On October 28, 2011 under the chairmanship of the head of department, MD Orynbasarova K.K. the staff of department held path anatomical conference in MCCH No. 2. Co-chair of conference was invited the professor of department of pathological anatomy KAZNMU Sapargaliyev A.D. As the reviewer acted Ismailov D.B. Administration of hospital and participants of conference noted high professional level and practical value of conference. Besides, with students of the 6th course of the pediatric faculty, being trained on department is organized educational role path anatomical conference with participation of students of the 6th course.

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Department of Children’s Diseases № 1

The head of department is the doctor of medical sciences, the assistant professor Orynbassarova Kamila Kalaubayevna – the pupil of academician Isayeva L.A. (The first Moscow Medical University of I.M.Setchenov) and of professors Z.H.Mazhitova. She is the member of Ethical Council of KAZNMU, КEP of pediatric faculty, SPPC on pediatrics of KAZNMU. Orynbassarova K.K. is the author of 76 typing works, 3 educational and methodical recommendations and coauthor of the cardiology manual, the textbook on propaedeutics of children’s diseases in the Kazakh language, ecological pediatrics monographs, the Atlas of clinical and morphological syndromes and diseases at children at environmental pollution.

In 2011-2012 academic year on department work 19 people of professorial and auxiliary structure, from which 1 doctor of medical sciences, 6 assistant professors – Ismailova D.B., Ispulayeva S.H., Naumova N.V., Shakym G.A., Ksetayeva G.K., Appasova M.I., 2 assistant, the candidate of medical sciences – Choi S.V., Sagatbayeva N.A., assistants – Eszhanova E.D., Musabekova R.K., Dosmetov A.E., Onalbayeva B.Zh., Sagimova R.Sh., Umbetova L.Zh., Esimova N.K.

Clinical bases of department are #1 MCCH, #2 MCCH, RCCH «Aksay». The staff of department renders the practical and scientific and methodical help to city children’s policlinic No.7 and No.8 where organized consultations of patients weekly and thematic seminars monthly.


Department history

The department is organized in 1992 for the purpose of highly specialized post-degree training of graduates of pediatric faculty as “internship department for pediatrists”, transformed further in department of children’s diseases. From the date of the department basis till 2008 the department was headed by the doctor of medical sciences, the professor Zayra Hamitovna Mazhitova.

Z.Kh.Mazhitova is the first head of department, within 5 years was a vice rector on scientific work, and then the Adviser of rector of KAZNMU on a science. Zayra Hamitovna had huge authority among the scientific and pedagogical community of Kazakhstan, being the member of International Academy of medical education (Hamburg), the International society of pediatrists, Society of pediatrists of the Turkic countries, Asian and Pacific Oceanic Association of gastroenterologists, the European respiratory society, the associate editor of the magazine «Pediatrics and children’s surgery of Kazakhstan». Professor Z.Kh.Mazhitova – the author of more than 300 scientific articles, theses, 26 pre-patents for the invention, 3 manuals, the 2 monographs, the Atlas of clinical and morphological syndromes and diseases at children at environmental pollution. Under the direction of Z.Kh.Mazhitova were protected 5 doctor’s and 26 master’s theses. Her pupils work in medical institutions of Kazakhstan, Russia, Luxembourg and Germany.

In the process of reforming of the higher education in 1996 to department was attached department of propaedeutics of children’s diseases (based by MD, professor V.A.Lebedova) and in 2002 – a course of nursing.

V.A.Lebedeva, the doctor of medical sciences, the professor – within 20 years (1968-1989) headed department of propaedeutics of children’s diseases which was created in 1952. V.A.Lebedeva — the honored worker of a science of Kazakh SSR, state award of Kazakh SSR winner, the founder of children’s allergology of Kazakhstan. Under hers management 20 master’s theses were protected. From 1989 to 1996 department of propaedeutics of children’s diseases directed MD, professor T.M.Imambayeva who now being the dean of pediatric faculty.

From 2008 to 2011 head of department was pupil of professor Z.H.Mazhitova MD, professor Sarsenbayeva S.S. now being the director of department of MAQE of university managed. Sarsenbayeva S.S. is the author of 80 scientific publications, 3 educational and methodical grants, is the coauthor of the manual of children’s cardiology and nephrology, the monograph and the atlas on ecological pathology of children’s age.

Since September, 2011 the doctor of medical sciences Orynbasarova Kamila Kalaubayevna – pupil of academician Isayeva L.A. manages department (The First Moscow Medical University of I.M.Setchenov) and professors Z.H.Mazhitova. Orynbasarova K.K. is the member of Ethical Council of KAZNMU, KEP of pediatric faculty, SPPC on pediatrics of KAZNMU. Orynbasarova K.K. is the author of 76 typing works, 3 educational and methodical recommendations, is the coauthor of the manual of cardiology, the textbook of propaedeutics of children’s diseases in the Kazakh language, monographs of ecological pediatrics, the Atlas of clinical morphological syndromes and diseases at children at environmental pollution.

Staff of department renders the big practical, scientific and methodical help to health authorities on clinical bases of #1 MCCH, #2 MCCH, RCCH «Aksay», also city children’s policlinic No.7 and No.8.

Achievements of department in 5 last years:

— organization and carrying out of 3 international scientific and practical conferences: «Actual problems of ecological pediatrics: yesterday, today, tomorrow» (Almaty, on May 23-24, 2008), «New technologies in diagnostics and treatment of diseases of respiratory organs at children and teenagers» (Almaty, on March 22-23 2009г.), «Questions of the highly-specialized help to children and teenagers with cardiovascular diseases» (Almaty, on December 3-4, 2009);

— edition of the 2 collections of scientific works, on materials of conferences «New technologies in diagnostics and treatment of diseases of respiratory organs at children and teenagers» (Almaty, on March 22-23, 2009), «Questions of the highly-specialized help to children and teenagers with cardiovascular diseases» (Almaty, on December 3-4, 2009);

— edition of Special issue of Messenger of KAZNMU with conference materials «Actual problems of ecological pediatrics: yesterday, today, tomorrow» (Almaty, on May 23-24, 2008);

— edition of the 2 manuals for students and doctors in Kazakh language “Diseases in pediatric”, « Damage of heart beating and throughout of the children » by group of authors under edition of assistant professors Shakym G.A., Davletgildeeva Z.G.

One of bright events in scientific practical activities of department of children’s diseases No. 1 is implementation of the Scientific and technical program on grant of the International Scientific and Technical Center (ISTC) “Definition of real chemical and radiating load of an organism of children living in ecologically unsuccessful region of Kazakhstan” (2003-2005) result OF which was the monograph publication of “Ecologically dependent diseases at children” and the Atlas of clinical and morphological syndromes and diseases at children at environmental pollution, under edition  of Z.H.Mazhitova.

Staff of department actively participates in work of various international forums, scientific and practical conferences on actual problems of pediatrics. Because of cooperation and support of various medical experts from Japan, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Russia during activity is executed 16 scientific and technical programs and projects. On department the new direction in medicine of Kazakhstan – ecological pediatrics was created.

For the first time in Kazakhstan with participation of staff of department together with SC of pediatrics and children’s surgery of MH RK with support of the Charitable organization «Aru-Ana» on May 11-13 2011 in Almaty carried out the international scientific and practical conference «rare (orphan) diseases at children». Leading experts of the world took part in this program of conference in the field of the solution of questions of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of hereditary pathology. Experts from Russia, Poland, the USA – professors Kapranov N.I., Kashirsky N.U., Simonova O.I., Finogenova N.A., Anna Tulki-Shimanskaya, Edwin Simons, Semyachkina A.N. shared with professional knowledge and experience in diagnostics and tactics of maintaining patients with rare hereditary diseases.

Department of Children’s Diseases № 2

Department of Pediatrics was organized in 1939. Organization of the base was assigned a designated assistant of the Department of A.I.Avenirovoy.

To head the Department was invited PhD, Konstantin Fedorovich Popov (before that he lived and worked in Moscow).

In 1941, to the Department of Pediatrics from Medical Faculty came first 8 students,  in 1943 the Department has provided the first issue of pediatricians. Head of the department at that time was Professor Veniamin Aleksandrovich Surat (from Saratov), ​​who arrived in Alma-Ata in 1943

After his departure in 1948 to Volgograd, head of department became to be professor Alexander Kropachev, who later defended his doctoral thesis, but in 1952 moved to Krasnoyarsk in the chair of diseases of children. Chair of the faculty and the hospital was entrusted to assistant Professor of Pediatrics A.I.Avenirovoy, who graduated from correspondence doctorate at the Institute of Pediatrics of the USSR AMS. In 1954, the Institute for Advanced Medical Studies in Moscow professor A.I.Avenirova defended her doctoral thesis on «The significance of intestinal protozoa in the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract in infants.» In 1955 she received the title of professor.

Department of  Hospital Paediatrics was established in 1952, the Department of Pediatrics faculty in 1953. These are also headed the Department of  Honoured Doctor of the Kazakh SSR, Professor AI Avenirova

The first teachers of the department were docents MD I.V.Vovnyanko, E.A.Treylih, then came to the chair of MD A.G.Medvedeva, doctors N.Yarochkina, S.Zhuyko, F.Hasanova, L.Spivak, N.Lvova. The first graduate students were V.A.Lebedeva, A.Sh.Ismagilova, A.M.Tolmanova, G.A.Balahonova, who defended their  thesis, became assistants and associate professors of pediatric departments. I learned A.I.Avenirovoy N.P.Yarochkina, V.A.Lebedeva, K.V.Rahimova who worked in the department, became doctors of medical sciences, professors. Professor A.I Avenirovoy owned more than 100 scientific papers and two monographs. While the Department has developed a scientific problem, «Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in children.»

From 1952 to 1964 at the Department of Pediatrics faculty worked: Associate Griazev TF, assistants: Makulova RM, Medvedev OS, Davletkazina GM, NI Abdragimov From 1956 to 1965 this department was headed by MD Associate T.F.Gryazeva. Then from 1965 to 1970 the department was in charge of Honoured Doctor of the Kazakh SSR, Professor N.A.Barlybaeva, and from 1970 to 1991 — Professor N.P.Yarochkina, which owned more than 300 publications and 4 monographs. During this period department’s research was to study the direction of the  pneumonia in young children. For many years the department has been governed  by  Professor  Sarsenbayev ZB — a gifted teacher and clinician on a large scale. During this period in department worked candidates of medical sciences Karibdzhanova Z.I,  Safina, GA, Kabdugalieva GK, Bitteeva FB, RP Lobanov, Tulchinsky LA, Skorobogatova IA,  Shinkarenko LN,  ass. Stepanov SD, Dalenova KB, Hwang GW, Rakhmanov MN, Katsuba KA, Imambaeva TM.

From 1971 to 1991 headed the Department of Pediatrics Hospital Distinguished Physician of the Kazakh SSR, Professor N.A.Barlybaeva, under whose leadership the department had reserved 12 theses, including 4 — for the degree of Doctor of Medicine. Doctoral theses defended Muzykantov VS, Strukov VI, K. Rakhimov, ZH Mazhitova Basic scientific investigations were devoted to the diagnosis, clinical manifestations and treatment of rheumatism, rickets, sepsis, congenital heart defects in children.

Professor N.A.Barlybaeva developed questions of treatment and prevention of rheumatic fever in children, differentiation and treatment of non-rheumatic carditis, has studied and practically important in scientific terms rather interesting problems prevent rickets and hypervitaminosis D. She has 258 scientific publications, including 5 monographs. She is the inventor and innovator of the USSR, was awarded the Medal of Al-Farabi I and II degree.

During 25 years, head of teaching process was Professor of the Department A.Sh.Ismagilova — a wonderful teacher, clinician, highly qualified nephrologist, who made a great contribution to improving the educational process.

In the 80 years the two departments have been renamed the Department of Pediatrics № 1 and № 2 and similarly served as the training of students and faculty of Hospital Pediatrics. From 1993 to 1998 Department of Children’s Diseases № 1 was headed by Professor Tastanbekov BD

In 1991, the Department of Children’s Diseases № 1, and in 1999 merged the Department of childhood illness led the Honoured Doctor of the Kazakh SSR, Professor B.H.Habizhanov.

Since 1999, the Department of childhood diseases included previously functioned separately Department of childhood illnesses and the medical faculty outpatient department of pediatrics. The last two departments in 2003 and 2006 were again separated into independent.

Department of Children Diseases № 2 is the successor of the faculty and hospital departments of pediatrics. The department has: head teacher Professor Kurmanbekova SK, Assistant docents: Hituova LK, JJ Nurgaliyev, assistants: Lobanov, RP, E. Shorin, Kasimov RN, Baymuratova A. D. Kaynazarova SE, Kanagatova GM, Kislenko AV Baygabulova MS, AK Tulebaeva.

Educational and clinical base of the Department is the Republican Scientific Center of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery, Ministry of Health of the RK. At the same time members of the department teach students on the basis of urban children hospitals and multi-regional hospital.

Throughout the years the department released pediatricians, developed training programs, educational tools. Since 1991 the department became a training center of the teaching of pediatrics in the official language. An important milestone in the history of the department and across the national edition of Pediatrics was in 1997, the first textbook in the Kazakh language «Balalar aurulary» in the 2005 textbook, «Pediatrics,» authored by Prof.. B.H.Habizhanova and Assoc. S.H.Hamzin, currently Chair issued a third edition of the textbook in the official language. Department developed 12 model programs for specialty «Pediatrics» (1997, 2000, 2003g.g.) For top medical institutions of the Republic.

Professor NA Barlybaeva and BH Habizhanov contributed greatly to the development and formation of school children in the country cardiorheumatology. Their many years research on bitsillin — drug prevention put into practice, supported the practical solution of the problem of child rheumatism and acquired heart diseases, which significantly reduced the frequency (20 times).

Under the guidance of Professor BH Habizhanova Department of Children Diseases № 2 to teaching, research and clinical work is done in close cooperation with the National Center, and HH (clinical base of the Department).

Over the years, Professor BH Habizhanov — Scientific director of national basic and applied research programs devoted to the problems of functional cardiomyopathy, arterial dystonia, juvenile arthritis, cardiac arrhythmias, diffuse connective tissue diseases and congenital heart defects, vrozhdennyeh bowel disease, involving the implementation and the teachers of the department, doing dissertation of work.

Under the direction of BH Habizhanova theses are protected by 25 (5 doctoral and 20 master’s) devoted to the problems of cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases in children and adolescents. Graduates of the department of professors and students of the department head of the department and specialized branches in the Republic, the doctors are working in countries near and far abroad.

Professor BH Habizhanovym co-published two books reflecting the history of domestic medicine and the first work of medical scientists in Kazakhstan, in particular the creative heritage of the doctor, educator and social activist Dosmukhamedov Hallel.

During the last 10 years the department conducts training courses of teachers of medical academies and training courses for doctors, pediatricians, including field training for the region, the department trained interns, clinical residents, residents.

An integral part of the faculty of the department is therapeutic and advisory work that is performed not only in the city of Almaty, but also areas of the country.

Over the past 30 years, the Department published monographs, collections of scientific papers and hundreds of scientific publications, more than 15 inventions and implementations, active scientific student circle.

Department of International Relations are in a stable cooperation with the European and the WHO Regional Office for the implementation of programs in the educational process of IMCI, modern standards of evaluation of the physical development of children.

As a structural component of the University, Department of Children’s Diseases № 2 is actively involved in implementing the development strategy of the university. The priority is to form a harmonious development of competitive ability of the individual doctor, owning three languages ​​at the same time, standard and innovative technologies of diagnosis and treatment, endowed with the qualities of a citizen and patriot.

Head of  Department, professor

B.H. Habizhanov

Department of Neonatology

Managing of the chair- doctor of medical sciences, professor: Tastanbekov Bftyr Junusovich

Professor Zhetbisbaev Galim Adamovich

Doctor of medical sciences, docent Bozhbanbaeva Nishangul Seitbekovna

Managing of the study work, assistant Mustafazade Tukaz Shamistanovna

C.m.c., assistant Sultanbaeva Saule Nurgalievna

C.m.c., assistant Abdullaeva Gulban Muhametzhanovna

Assistant Esenova Sara Abidullaevna

Assistant Beisekova Ainur Abdikadirovna

At february 4, 1934 y. was organized the chair by  children’s diseases of medical faculty,  in 2002 y. with reorganization of university connections subdivision  and got the name — «Child’s illnesses with the course of endocrinology», in 01.10.2010 y. сhair has a new status «Neonatology».

Managing of the chair- doctor of medical sciences, professor: Tastanbekov Batyr  Junusovich.

A  chair except educating of  students and  residents.


Department of Policlinical Pediatrics

The chair prepared the regional doctors and was organized in 1987 y. The first head of the chair was professor, surgeon-traumatologist T.J.Sultanbaev.

From the beginning of 1989 y. the head of the chair was doctor of medicine, the professor E.T.Dadambaev. From the beginning of 2000 y., the chair was reorganized in the course of policlinical instruction and was in staff of the chair of hospital pediatrics.

The head of the chair of policliniсal pediatrics, professor E.T.Dadambaev graduated the Semipalatinsk’s state medical institute, pediatrics faculty. In 1991-1993 y. The head of the chair of policlinical pediatrics worked as main pediator of Health services Ministry of Kazakhstan Republic.

From 1993 y. till now he is main supernumerary specialist-pediator of dispensary policlinical job of Health services Ministry of Kazakhstan Republic, coordinator of the World Health services Organization s (WHO) program about the integrative keeping diseases of child’s age (owner of certificates WHO 2000-2001-2003 yy.). Real member (academic) of National sciences Academy of Kazakhstan Republic.

He is author of 300 works, including textbooks, teaching aids and monographs: “Nursing of health and ill children” (1991), “Neonatology” (1992), “Pneumonia at newborn children: clinical and immunological aspects of diagnostics, treatment and prophylactic measures” (1992), “Propaedeutics of child diseases” (1995), “Neonatology” (1995), “Structure and organization work of child policlinic” (1997), “Policlinical pediatrics” (1998), “Pediator’s reference book” (1998), “Optimization antibiotic treatment in pediatrics” (1999), “Anomalies of constitution at children” (2001), “Urgent conditions in pediatrics” (2004), “Standards of laboratory-diagnostics investigations and treatment diseases of child’s age in day hospital for inpatients” (2005) and others. Dadambaev E.T. was one of the authors of new teaching plans and programs in “Child diseases”, “Policlinical pediatrics” and “Internatura of pediatrics”. He is a member of editorial board of magazines such as “Health”, “Child’s pediatrics and surgery of Kazakhstan Republic”. He made 12 rationalizations suggestions, 4 inventions, 16 systematic recommendations.

The staff of the chair of policlinical pediatrics was engaged in clinical preparing of future regional doctors. Many experienced teachers, professors: Ispaeva Zh.B., Rahimova K.V.; docents: Vuijko G.A., Elebekova D.Zh., Ibraeva K.E., Kulmahanov T.K., Baigenzhina F.A., Ahmetova G.A., Murzagaliev Sh.A., Sarbasova Zh.O.; assistants: Kabduhalieva G.K., Izmailova A.A., Shcurenkova L.P., Nurkasimova A.T., Nurbekova A.A., Izmailova S.H., Smagulova A.B., Zulhazhi A., Ahasheva Sh.S. worked and still work hear.

Clinical ordinators – doctor’s common practice, which work in different regions of our Republic now, at first were prepared by this chair.

“School of regional doctors” (responsible head – professor Rahimova K.V.) work at the chair for pediators of Almaty and its province.

The chair published textbooks and teaching aids in kazakh language about pediatrics: “Nursing of health and ill children” Almaty, 1991; “Neonatology” Almaty, 1992; “Policlinical pediatrics” Almaty, 1998; “Pediator’s reference book” Almaty, 1999; “Urgent conditions in pediatrics”, 2005 (in Kazakh, Russian and English languages), “Rehabilitation and dispensary’s observation for often ill children and children with diseases of respiration organs, 2005 (in Kazakh and Russian languages).

From 1991 y. collaborators of the chair began publishing information leaflets and systematic recommendations for practical health services in state language, first in the Republic.

The chair’s collaborators published more than 600 articles scientific-applied character, 5 patents of inventions and 16 rationalizations suggestions.

The chair’s scientific direction is “Clinical-immunological peculiarities of children’s from the risk’s groups and ill rehabilitation, who live in ecologically unfavorable conditions”. During this years the chair’s collaborators published 15 teaching aids, 5 textbooks, 3 monographs, 4 reference books, “Minutes of diagnostics, treatment and prophylactic measures of diseases of child’s age” and russian-kazakh vocabulary of medical terms (2003), “Standards of laboratory-diagnostics investigations and treatment diseases of child’s age in day hospital for inpatients” (2005). 1 doctor’s and 10 candidate’s dissertations were defended at the chair. The chair’s collaborators worked out typical teaching programs of child diseases, policlinical pediatrics and internatura for pediatrics faculties of higher medical educational establishments in Kazakhstan.