Department of Children’s Diseases № 2

Department of Pediatrics was organized in 1939. Organization of the base was assigned a designated assistant of the Department of A.I.Avenirovoy.

To head the Department was invited PhD, Konstantin Fedorovich Popov (before that he lived and worked in Moscow).

In 1941, to the Department of Pediatrics from Medical Faculty came first 8 students,  in 1943 the Department has provided the first issue of pediatricians. Head of the department at that time was Professor Veniamin Aleksandrovich Surat (from Saratov), ​​who arrived in Alma-Ata in 1943

After his departure in 1948 to Volgograd, head of department became to be professor Alexander Kropachev, who later defended his doctoral thesis, but in 1952 moved to Krasnoyarsk in the chair of diseases of children. Chair of the faculty and the hospital was entrusted to assistant Professor of Pediatrics A.I.Avenirovoy, who graduated from correspondence doctorate at the Institute of Pediatrics of the USSR AMS. In 1954, the Institute for Advanced Medical Studies in Moscow professor A.I.Avenirova defended her doctoral thesis on «The significance of intestinal protozoa in the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract in infants.» In 1955 she received the title of professor.

Department of  Hospital Paediatrics was established in 1952, the Department of Pediatrics faculty in 1953. These are also headed the Department of  Honoured Doctor of the Kazakh SSR, Professor AI Avenirova

The first teachers of the department were docents MD I.V.Vovnyanko, E.A.Treylih, then came to the chair of MD A.G.Medvedeva, doctors N.Yarochkina, S.Zhuyko, F.Hasanova, L.Spivak, N.Lvova. The first graduate students were V.A.Lebedeva, A.Sh.Ismagilova, A.M.Tolmanova, G.A.Balahonova, who defended their  thesis, became assistants and associate professors of pediatric departments. I learned A.I.Avenirovoy N.P.Yarochkina, V.A.Lebedeva, K.V.Rahimova who worked in the department, became doctors of medical sciences, professors. Professor A.I Avenirovoy owned more than 100 scientific papers and two monographs. While the Department has developed a scientific problem, «Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in children.»

From 1952 to 1964 at the Department of Pediatrics faculty worked: Associate Griazev TF, assistants: Makulova RM, Medvedev OS, Davletkazina GM, NI Abdragimov From 1956 to 1965 this department was headed by MD Associate T.F.Gryazeva. Then from 1965 to 1970 the department was in charge of Honoured Doctor of the Kazakh SSR, Professor N.A.Barlybaeva, and from 1970 to 1991 — Professor N.P.Yarochkina, which owned more than 300 publications and 4 monographs. During this period department’s research was to study the direction of the  pneumonia in young children. For many years the department has been governed  by  Professor  Sarsenbayev ZB — a gifted teacher and clinician on a large scale. During this period in department worked candidates of medical sciences Karibdzhanova Z.I,  Safina, GA, Kabdugalieva GK, Bitteeva FB, RP Lobanov, Tulchinsky LA, Skorobogatova IA,  Shinkarenko LN,  ass. Stepanov SD, Dalenova KB, Hwang GW, Rakhmanov MN, Katsuba KA, Imambaeva TM.

From 1971 to 1991 headed the Department of Pediatrics Hospital Distinguished Physician of the Kazakh SSR, Professor N.A.Barlybaeva, under whose leadership the department had reserved 12 theses, including 4 — for the degree of Doctor of Medicine. Doctoral theses defended Muzykantov VS, Strukov VI, K. Rakhimov, ZH Mazhitova Basic scientific investigations were devoted to the diagnosis, clinical manifestations and treatment of rheumatism, rickets, sepsis, congenital heart defects in children.

Professor N.A.Barlybaeva developed questions of treatment and prevention of rheumatic fever in children, differentiation and treatment of non-rheumatic carditis, has studied and practically important in scientific terms rather interesting problems prevent rickets and hypervitaminosis D. She has 258 scientific publications, including 5 monographs. She is the inventor and innovator of the USSR, was awarded the Medal of Al-Farabi I and II degree.

During 25 years, head of teaching process was Professor of the Department A.Sh.Ismagilova — a wonderful teacher, clinician, highly qualified nephrologist, who made a great contribution to improving the educational process.

In the 80 years the two departments have been renamed the Department of Pediatrics № 1 and № 2 and similarly served as the training of students and faculty of Hospital Pediatrics. From 1993 to 1998 Department of Children’s Diseases № 1 was headed by Professor Tastanbekov BD

In 1991, the Department of Children’s Diseases № 1, and in 1999 merged the Department of childhood illness led the Honoured Doctor of the Kazakh SSR, Professor B.H.Habizhanov.

Since 1999, the Department of childhood diseases included previously functioned separately Department of childhood illnesses and the medical faculty outpatient department of pediatrics. The last two departments in 2003 and 2006 were again separated into independent.

Department of Children Diseases № 2 is the successor of the faculty and hospital departments of pediatrics. The department has: head teacher Professor Kurmanbekova SK, Assistant docents: Hituova LK, JJ Nurgaliyev, assistants: Lobanov, RP, E. Shorin, Kasimov RN, Baymuratova A. D. Kaynazarova SE, Kanagatova GM, Kislenko AV Baygabulova MS, AK Tulebaeva.

Educational and clinical base of the Department is the Republican Scientific Center of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery, Ministry of Health of the RK. At the same time members of the department teach students on the basis of urban children hospitals and multi-regional hospital.

Throughout the years the department released pediatricians, developed training programs, educational tools. Since 1991 the department became a training center of the teaching of pediatrics in the official language. An important milestone in the history of the department and across the national edition of Pediatrics was in 1997, the first textbook in the Kazakh language «Balalar aurulary» in the 2005 textbook, «Pediatrics,» authored by Prof.. B.H.Habizhanova and Assoc. S.H.Hamzin, currently Chair issued a third edition of the textbook in the official language. Department developed 12 model programs for specialty «Pediatrics» (1997, 2000, 2003g.g.) For top medical institutions of the Republic.

Professor NA Barlybaeva and BH Habizhanov contributed greatly to the development and formation of school children in the country cardiorheumatology. Their many years research on bitsillin — drug prevention put into practice, supported the practical solution of the problem of child rheumatism and acquired heart diseases, which significantly reduced the frequency (20 times).

Under the guidance of Professor BH Habizhanova Department of Children Diseases № 2 to teaching, research and clinical work is done in close cooperation with the National Center, and HH (clinical base of the Department).

Over the years, Professor BH Habizhanov — Scientific director of national basic and applied research programs devoted to the problems of functional cardiomyopathy, arterial dystonia, juvenile arthritis, cardiac arrhythmias, diffuse connective tissue diseases and congenital heart defects, vrozhdennyeh bowel disease, involving the implementation and the teachers of the department, doing dissertation of work.

Under the direction of BH Habizhanova theses are protected by 25 (5 doctoral and 20 master’s) devoted to the problems of cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases in children and adolescents. Graduates of the department of professors and students of the department head of the department and specialized branches in the Republic, the doctors are working in countries near and far abroad.

Professor BH Habizhanovym co-published two books reflecting the history of domestic medicine and the first work of medical scientists in Kazakhstan, in particular the creative heritage of the doctor, educator and social activist Dosmukhamedov Hallel.

During the last 10 years the department conducts training courses of teachers of medical academies and training courses for doctors, pediatricians, including field training for the region, the department trained interns, clinical residents, residents.

An integral part of the faculty of the department is therapeutic and advisory work that is performed not only in the city of Almaty, but also areas of the country.

Over the past 30 years, the Department published monographs, collections of scientific papers and hundreds of scientific publications, more than 15 inventions and implementations, active scientific student circle.

Department of International Relations are in a stable cooperation with the European and the WHO Regional Office for the implementation of programs in the educational process of IMCI, modern standards of evaluation of the physical development of children.

As a structural component of the University, Department of Children’s Diseases № 2 is actively involved in implementing the development strategy of the university. The priority is to form a harmonious development of competitive ability of the individual doctor, owning three languages ​​at the same time, standard and innovative technologies of diagnosis and treatment, endowed with the qualities of a citizen and patriot.

Head of  Department, professor

B.H. Habizhanov