Department of Pediatric Surgery

The Department of pediatric surgery of the State Medical Institute of Almaty was founded in 1957 on the basis of the city hospital’s pediatric surgery clinics. The first head of the department was docent Cherkassova E.D. From 1968 till 2011 the head of the pediatric surgery of KazNMU was the academician of the NAS of the RK, Kazakhstan’s State Prize laureate, Kazakhstan’s Honored Scientist Ormantayev K.S. (now the Honored head of the department). The department has 3 clinical bases (CPCH #1, NCPPS, DPH “Aksay”).

Since 2011 the dean of the department has been Professor Tursynov K.T., PhD. The members of the department have published more than 1000 scientific works which include 9 chapters in the Soviet manual on pediatric surgery, 13 monographs, 20 guidelines on the most urgent issues of diagnosing and treating surgical diseases in children.

Our students take part in All-Union and All-Russian Scientific Student Conferences annually and win prizes. For many years, under the guidance of Ormantayev K.S., there has been Pediatric Surgeons’ Society which regularly organizes Republican Scientific and Practical conferences, “Master Classes” on pediatric surgery. The department takes part in international scientific forums on pediatric surgery and pediatrics and maintains ties with countries of Europe, Americas; Central and South-Eastern Asia.