Department of Policlinical Pediatrics

The chair prepared the regional doctors and was organized in 1987 y. The first head of the chair was professor, surgeon-traumatologist T.J.Sultanbaev.

From the beginning of 1989 y. the head of the chair was doctor of medicine, the professor E.T.Dadambaev. From the beginning of 2000 y., the chair was reorganized in the course of policlinical instruction and was in staff of the chair of hospital pediatrics.

The head of the chair of policliniсal pediatrics, professor E.T.Dadambaev graduated the Semipalatinsk’s state medical institute, pediatrics faculty. In 1991-1993 y. The head of the chair of policlinical pediatrics worked as main pediator of Health services Ministry of Kazakhstan Republic.

From 1993 y. till now he is main supernumerary specialist-pediator of dispensary policlinical job of Health services Ministry of Kazakhstan Republic, coordinator of the World Health services Organization s (WHO) program about the integrative keeping diseases of child’s age (owner of certificates WHO 2000-2001-2003 yy.). Real member (academic) of National sciences Academy of Kazakhstan Republic.

He is author of 300 works, including textbooks, teaching aids and monographs: “Nursing of health and ill children” (1991), “Neonatology” (1992), “Pneumonia at newborn children: clinical and immunological aspects of diagnostics, treatment and prophylactic measures” (1992), “Propaedeutics of child diseases” (1995), “Neonatology” (1995), “Structure and organization work of child policlinic” (1997), “Policlinical pediatrics” (1998), “Pediator’s reference book” (1998), “Optimization antibiotic treatment in pediatrics” (1999), “Anomalies of constitution at children” (2001), “Urgent conditions in pediatrics” (2004), “Standards of laboratory-diagnostics investigations and treatment diseases of child’s age in day hospital for inpatients” (2005) and others. Dadambaev E.T. was one of the authors of new teaching plans and programs in “Child diseases”, “Policlinical pediatrics” and “Internatura of pediatrics”. He is a member of editorial board of magazines such as “Health”, “Child’s pediatrics and surgery of Kazakhstan Republic”. He made 12 rationalizations suggestions, 4 inventions, 16 systematic recommendations.

The staff of the chair of policlinical pediatrics was engaged in clinical preparing of future regional doctors. Many experienced teachers, professors: Ispaeva Zh.B., Rahimova K.V.; docents: Vuijko G.A., Elebekova D.Zh., Ibraeva K.E., Kulmahanov T.K., Baigenzhina F.A., Ahmetova G.A., Murzagaliev Sh.A., Sarbasova Zh.O.; assistants: Kabduhalieva G.K., Izmailova A.A., Shcurenkova L.P., Nurkasimova A.T., Nurbekova A.A., Izmailova S.H., Smagulova A.B., Zulhazhi A., Ahasheva Sh.S. worked and still work hear.

Clinical ordinators – doctor’s common practice, which work in different regions of our Republic now, at first were prepared by this chair.

“School of regional doctors” (responsible head – professor Rahimova K.V.) work at the chair for pediators of Almaty and its province.

The chair published textbooks and teaching aids in kazakh language about pediatrics: “Nursing of health and ill children” Almaty, 1991; “Neonatology” Almaty, 1992; “Policlinical pediatrics” Almaty, 1998; “Pediator’s reference book” Almaty, 1999; “Urgent conditions in pediatrics”, 2005 (in Kazakh, Russian and English languages), “Rehabilitation and dispensary’s observation for often ill children and children with diseases of respiration organs, 2005 (in Kazakh and Russian languages).

From 1991 y. collaborators of the chair began publishing information leaflets and systematic recommendations for practical health services in state language, first in the Republic.

The chair’s collaborators published more than 600 articles scientific-applied character, 5 patents of inventions and 16 rationalizations suggestions.

The chair’s scientific direction is “Clinical-immunological peculiarities of children’s from the risk’s groups and ill rehabilitation, who live in ecologically unfavorable conditions”. During this years the chair’s collaborators published 15 teaching aids, 5 textbooks, 3 monographs, 4 reference books, “Minutes of diagnostics, treatment and prophylactic measures of diseases of child’s age” and russian-kazakh vocabulary of medical terms (2003), “Standards of laboratory-diagnostics investigations and treatment diseases of child’s age in day hospital for inpatients” (2005). 1 doctor’s and 10 candidate’s dissertations were defended at the chair. The chair’s collaborators worked out typical teaching programs of child diseases, policlinical pediatrics and internatura for pediatrics faculties of higher medical educational establishments in Kazakhstan.