Educational programs of the School of Pediatrics

Currently there are 2 educational programs:
1.5В130300 “Pediatrics” -2017, 2018 admission
2. В088 “Pediatrics” – 2019, 2020 admission

Educational programs (EP) are developed in accordance with the State Compulsory Education Standard, approved by order of the acting Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 31, 2015 No. 647 “On approval of state compulsory standards and standard professional training programs in medical and pharmaceutical specialties”
ЕР B088 – within the framework of the implementation of the Contract (No. SHIP-2.3 / CS-01) between the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and LUNZ on the Strategic Partnership for the Development of ASZN in 2020.
EP mission: Formation of competencies and personal qualities of competitive, creative and innovative thinking, able to realize their knowledge and skills of pediatricians of the new generation.
The purpose of the EP: Training of pediatricians who are able to meet the needs of society in the provision of medical care, apply and develop advanced innovative technologies in practice and science, use the achievements of information and communication technologies, and strengthen the health of the child population.
Duration of training:
EP 5В130300 “Pediatrics” – 7-year study (bachelor-5 + internship-2)
EP B088 “Pediatrics” – 6-year training (bachelor’s-5 + internship-1)

After completing the internship, the graduate is given a diploma “Pediatrician”, he has the opportunity on a competitive basis to enter the specialized residency or doctoral studies Рhd; to carry out medical (as a pediatrician of an emergency room or ambulance) or teaching activities in departments teaching basic disciplines (after completing a special course in pedagogy).
Requirements for applicants are reviewed annually and are posted in the public domain on the university website no later than July 1 of the current year.